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Allo Allo TV Series DVD

Allo ‘Allo was a hilariously funny British comedy that ran from 1984 to 1992. Set during World War Two, it told the story of Rene Artois, a French cafe owner in the village of Nouvion. The village had been occupied by the Germans, who had then stolen all the valuable artifacts in the town.

Allo Allo

Allo Allo

These included the first cuckoo clock made and a painting of the Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp. The commandant of the town decides to keep them for himself after the war and get Rene to hide the painting in his cafe. The Gestapo also want the painting and send Herr Flick to find it.At the same time Rene is acting as a safehouse for downed British airmen. He is forced to work with the Resistance who would otherwise shoot him for serving Germans in his cafe. As well as this Rene is also trying to have an affair with his two waitresses without his wife discovering.

This few plot devices were basically the storyline throughout the entire series. Each episode ran on from the previous often requiring the the previous episode be also watched. Fortunately Rene would inform the viewer as the to what had previously.