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Cold Case Complete Series on DVD

Cold Case

Cold Case

Cold Case

Cold Case Promotion

Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department’s homicide squad and being assigned ‘cold cases’: crimes that were committed many years before and have not been solved. Lilly must try to re-think the crime scenes and interview other people involved with the victims to find a link to solving the cases.

Cold Case Trivia

  • The show’s theme song is “Nara” by E.S. Posthumus, who also made the song Posthumus Zone for CBS Sports’ The NFL Today and The NFL on CBS.
  • Each show makes extensive use of era-appropriate music for flashbacks to the year in question (e.g. In an episode of a murder in 1994, the episode featured Kurt Cobain and added grunge songs from the same era, a genre of music that Cobain had popularized.).
  • The episode broadcast on March 12, 2006, used the theme music of the then hit Fox show House.
  • Cold Case is notable for double-casting: it will cast a young actor for the flashback sequences and a more seasoned actor for the shots in the present, and cut back and forth between the two, to show how the character has aged. The episode “One Night” managed to triple-cast one character, showing him in the present day, when he committed his murder and when he was a teenager.
  • Nearly every show ends with a set of scenes showing the murder, Detective Rush arresting the murderer and seeing a vision of the grateful-looking victim standing nearby, who then quickly vanishes (this aspect of the show is meant to represent Rush’s imagination, since the show is not about the supernatural).
  • A real life “cold case” investigative organization, known as the Vidocq Society, is based in Philadelphia, and may serve as inspiration for the show’s theme and location.

This 34 disc set contains all 7 seasons of this classic show for a total of 156 episodes in all. This complete set has been compiled from fans and collectors of the show from around the world.

Please keep this in mind when purchasing this set, that the series will most likely never see the light of day getting an official release. This is probably the only way anyone will ever get to relive the show and all it’s glory.

Other sites sell this same set for $70 and even $89 on ebay….yikes!! Not here. $32 is all and the DVDs have artwork on them and come stored in a soft, zippered case.

Complete Series on 34 DVDs with disc artwork and in a case. All 7 seasons including the pilot as well as the final episode are in this set. 

32$ incl. free shipping!!

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Return Policy

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. 

Region-free and will play everywhere.

The set will be shipped within two business days of receiving payment.

We ship via the Post Office.

Gift? Let us know and we’ll gift wrap it for free.

Contact us for any questions or problems.

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    I just got my set and I am very happy with it. Love the case the discs come in.
    Well worth what I paid for this! Thank you for making this available!

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