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Complete Pokemon Box Set

“This DVD collection is perfect. Their are three disks for the first part of the box sets (three sets in total), each disk is in its own standard DVD case within the box. When you play the disk you get a basic menu (pretty picture and shiny stars) and an option to play all or select a certain episode (which is to be expected for a DVD set). The PokeRap is part of the set and the video quality is very good for this old of a show.

It is not HD or widescreen, but it looks very good playing on my Blu Ray player, I do have the fullscreen bars, but if you know your tv setup you can easily stretch the picture (I do not mind the bars). In all I like this set and am enjoying the series. I can not wait to get the next two sets to complete the Indigo League. Also, the episodes that others have mentioned as missing is missing (Beauty and the Beach). However, you can find that full episode on the internet, in English — Just FYI.”

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