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Dharma & Greg DVD Complete Series

Dharma & Greg lasted for 5 seasons  between 1997 and 2002 on ABC.

The premise of the show was a relationship between two characters regarded as cultural opposites. Dharma (full name Dharma Freedom Finklestein Montgomery, played by Jenna Elfman) was raised by hippie parents, a practicer of yoga and an adherent of Eastern spiritualities. Greg (full name Gregory Clifford Montgomery, played by Thomas Gibson) was an attorney from an upper class, old money family. On the first date, they married.

Only the first 2 seasons have been released on DVD

*6.4 stars on IMDb*!!

Dharma & Greg

Dharma & Greg

Trivia question:
Their first apartment was directly across the street from what famous San Francisco landmark and how do we know this?

—-> They live across from 261 Broadway. That is the address for City Light Books, which is the landmark referred to. You can see the sign for City Light in the episode “Old Yeller” when they first come down to the street to look at the bus.

By the way, it’s the same building but different apartment in seasons 2-5.  I mean, Jane still lived in the same building, so unless she followed…

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