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Doc TV Show ~ Complete Series on DVD. Billy Ray Cyrus As Doc.

Clint Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus) and the Westbury Clinic staff in the New York medical drama “Doc”.

So much fun to watch!

Doc was a TV show starring Billy Ray Cyrus as a Dr. Clint ‘Doc’ Cassidy, a Montana doctor who takes a job in a New York medical clinic.

Doc comes to New York City for the love of a woman but soon finds himself there for other reasons. His run-ins with an orphan named Raul (Tyler Posey) encourage him to stay in New York. His life consists of helping the common folk of New York city, spreading his Montana values, often meeting opposition with Dr. Oliver Crane (Ron Lea) and even has a little love life on the side (Dr. Kate Weston, and a suggested romance with Nurse Nancy Nichols (Andrea Robinson). He goes toe to toe with the harshness of New York city and is always drawing people to him in the show.

At the end of each show Doc is shown emailing his mentor and adopted father Doc Johanson, the man who got him the job at Westbury medical clinic.

This 19 disc set contains all five seasons of this classic show, for a total of 88 episodes in all. This complete set has been compiled from fans and collectors of the show from around the world.

Please keep in mind the sources for this show were apparently fans who recorded the shows back during it’s initial run, and since it has not been on television since 1984  the sources of the recordings are over 20 years old, and it does show in the playback quality, which can vary greatly from one episode to the next. While the majority of the episodes are of decent quality, there are a handful that are not so great but still watchable.

Other sites sell this same set for $60 and even $89 on ebay….yikes!! Not here. $25 is all and the DVDs have artwork on them and come stored in a hard case.

Complete Series on 19 DVDs with disc artwork and in a case.
All 5 seasons including the pilot as well as the final episode are in this set.
25$ incl. free shipping!!


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  • Carol Snyder April 2, 2019, 11:32 am

    I’m looking for all 5 seasons of “Doc” that have closed captioning. Can you tell me if the set you’re offering has them?

  • Sam September 7, 2018, 1:01 pm

    So happy to find this whole series. Thanks.

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