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Family TV Series on DVD. Complete Series Available Here


Family around the piano

The trials and tribulations, joyous occasions and heartbreaking moments of the Lawrence family: lawyer father Doug, housewife Kate, married (and quickly divorced) daughter Nancy, teenage son Willie and just-hitting-puberty daughter Buddy. In this critically acclaimed series, we watched various Lawrences fight, fall in love, become ill, graduate school, begin new jobs and, most of all, love each other.

Family Trivia

  • Cheryl Ladd auditioned for the role of Nancy.
  • March 9, 1976 – June 25, 1980
    86 one hour episodes (5 seasons) in color on ABC
    Created by: Jay Presson Allen
    Produced by: Leonard Goldberg, Mike Nichols and Aaron Spelling
  • A writer by the name of Jeri Emmet sued Aaron Spelling claiming that the concept of “Family” was based on a script that he had submitted to Spelling. Countering that, Spelling said that he and Leonard Goldberg had come up with the idea for “Family” one night over coffee in his kitchen. Counting appeals and counter suits the litigation lasted for 25 years.
  • Sada Thompson died in 2011 of lung disease, she was 83
    James Broderick (father of Matthew Broderick) died of cancer in 1982, he was only 55

This 19 disc set contains all 5 seasons of this classic show for a total of 83 episodes in all. 

NEAR COMPLETE SERIES . Newly redone. Only three episodes missing. I cannot remember the titles. I know one is season 3 episode 10 or 9 and the other is a season 4 episode.

This complete set has been compiled from fans and collectors of the show from around the world.

Please keep this in mind when purchasing this set, that the entire series will most likely never see the light of day, getting an official release. This is probably the only way anyone will ever get to relive the entire show and all it’s glory.

Other sites sell this same set for $58 and even $79 on ebay….yikes!! Not here. $27 is all and the DVDs have artwork on them and come stored in a hard case.

Complete Series on 19 DVDs with disc artwork and in a case. All 5 seasons including the pilot as well as the final episode are in this set.
27$ incl. free shipping!!

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Return Policy

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. 

Region-free and will play everywhere.

The set will be shipped within two business days of receiving payment.

We ship via the Post Office.

Gift? Let us know and we’ll gift wrap it for free.

Contact us for any questions or problems.

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