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The Godzilla DVD Collection | Godzilla Box Set Collection 8 DVD’s

If you’re looking for all the early Godzilla movies in high quality and in one place, the Godzilla  DVD Collection is the best bet. You will find 8 of the classic Godzilla  movies in both English & Japanese versions.  Neat Box and beautiful DVD cases accentuate this box set. So much Godzilla in one place, how can anyone resist? Includes:

8 Movies and over 20 Hours of content and bonus features! Gojira / King of the Monsters (2 disc set), Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Godzilla Raids Again, Mothra vs. Godzilla, Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster, Invasion of Astro Monster, Terror of Mechagodzilla.

Included in this Godzilla sized collection are the following creature features:

1. The Godzilla DVD Collection – Godzilla/Godzilla, King of the Monsters –  The original from 1954 that started it all. Godzilla representing the all powerful nuclear bombs that decimated Japan during WWII. Classic, Classic, Classic!!!

2. The Godzilla DVD Collection – Godzilla Raids Again/Gigantis, The Fire Monster – The sequel to the original, although by a different director and music composer. This movie style is more action oriented and less somber than the original. The US version was renamed Gigantis and included Raymond Burr as Perry Mason defending Godzilla in Court. Naturally, a surprise witness broke the case and Godzilla was acquitted…whew, because Mothra was a’ coming!!!! he he!!

3. The Godzilla DVD Collection – Mothra vs. Godzilla/Godzilla vs. The Thing – This is the the most popular Godzilla movie of all. Godzilla dukes it out with an overfed arthropod named Mothra. After a heated battle with the anemic Japanese army Mothra appears and sets out to save Japan from the destructive Godzilla! Go Mothra, Go!!!! The Japanese and US versions are included here.

4. The Godzilla DVD Collection – Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster – Godzilla becomes softer as he ages and it shows in this movie as he teams up with Mothra in worm form) and Rodan to battle the menacing, gravity-beam shooting, 3-headed monster of doom – Ghidrah. Will the trifecta of bodies defeat the trifecta of heads? You’re going to have to watch to find out! Both the US and Japanese versions as well as a biography a slide show of movie posters.

5. The Godzilla DVD Collection – Invasion of the Astro Monster – This movie heads to space where some aliens borrow Godzilla and Rodan to again battle Ghidrah (aka Astro Monster). This a great movie and 1 of my favorite Godzilla flicks!

6. The Godzilla DVD Collection –  Godzilla’s Revenge/All Monsters Attack – Haven’t watched this one yet and I don’t recall it either. Reminds me, maybe I’ll pop it on this weekend. Word is,though, it’s not very good.

7.  The Godzilla DVD Collection – Terror of Mechagodzilla – From 1975. No more Godzilla movies til 1984. Godzilla again takes on the Mechanized version of Godzilla – Mechagodzilla (Mecha+Godzilla).

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