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Graceland 25th Anniversary ~ Box Set Collector’s Edition

Graceland 25th Anniversary

Graceland 25th Anniversary Box Set

Hey Fellow Paul Simon Fans,
In celebration of Graceland’s 25th anniversary since its release, a special edition box set will be released June 5.

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In 1986, Graceland sold 14 million copies worldwide and garnered both the Album and Song of the Year Grammy in 1987.

This deluxe box set celebrates Graceland’s 25th anniversary with bonus tracks, concert footage and video clips, the documentary film (Under African Skies), deluxe book featuring unreleased photos, new liner notes and a replica of Paul Simon‘s handwritten lyrics pad.

The Exclusive disc contains 5 previously unreleased live tracks recorded in San Sebastian, Spain from the Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints Tour of 1989.
1. Gumboots/Whispering Bells
2. Crazy Love 1 and 2
3. I Know What I Know
4. Homeless
5. Graceland

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