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Gunsmoke Box Set Series on DVD


Gunsmoke 1955-1975

Gunsmoke ran from 1955 to 1975 on CBS, to this day the longest run of any single series of any genre in prime-time TV in the United States.

*7.9 stars on IMDb*!!!!

——–> The episode called, “Cooter” 19 May 1956 (Season 1, Episode 27) was the very first appearance of Kitty Russell’s mole on her right cheek.

Prior to that episode, the mole simply did not exist.

Long about ’56, the small facial mole became de rigeur for nearly all actresses (alot because of Marilyn Monroe, I’d wager). It was supposed to be the “singular flaw, in an otherwise flawless face”.

——> Who is the man that Matt Dillon shoots in the beginning of each episode?
The actor opposite Arness in the opening gunfight was Native American quick-draw artist Rodd Redwing, who was able to reach, draw, and fire in two-tenths of a second…”

——> One of the great unsolved mysteries of television – Miss Kitty’s occupation?

Gunsmoke Cast

Gunsmoke Cast

I do remember an episode vaguely. A man (not a main character) was injured (shot I think). I seem to recall that he was a distant relative of Miss Kitty or at least someone she cared about. So Miss Kitty takes him up to her room so he can rest/recuperate in her bed. At some point another woman, who was concerned about the injured man comes upstairs looking for him.

She and Miss Kitty run in to each other in the hallway outside her room. The girl implies that she did not want to disturb Miss Kitty because her door was closed and she thought she might be in there with “someone”. Miss Kitty gives her an annoyed stare as if to say “No, I have an injured guy in there, not a customer” while at the same time looking somewhat shocked that the girl would assume she was doing the nasty with some cowpoke.

Maybe this was just my interpretation of the scene, but it was the closest they ever came to answering the “occupation question”.

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