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Heart ‘Strange Euphoria’ Box Set

Strange Euphoria Heart Box Set

Strange Euphoria Heart Box Set

Heart has released  their first ever career-spanning box set Strange Euphoria. It’s available exclusively on Amazon.com (They are getting huge, eh?).

Strange Euphoria includes hits, deep cuts, demos, outtakes and rare live recordings; a CD of Led Zeppelin covers; a DVD featuring a 1976 TV performance; and a booklet offering song-by-song commentary from Ann and Nancy Wilson.

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In a new RollingStone.com interview, Ann Wilson discusses the box set, as well as some aspects of the band’s songs and history.

Regarding the maturity of Heart’s sound even at the start of their career, the singer explains, “We put in a lot of miles before we made a record.  Those early songs had been in our club set for a while and so we were seeing how people reacted to them.”

As for using the term “gypsy” in her liner-note recollections of the period when Heart first arrived on the music scene, Wilson notes, “That’s really what it felt like in those early days, to be out traveling the world in a group and bringing our music, living like a tribe and constantly moving on.

She also addresses the upheaval in the group during the 1980s, a time she calls “suffocating” even though Heart was experiencing its greatest commercial success.

Music became less understandable in the wake of the new MTV era,” she maintains, explaining that artists weren’t expected “to be anything other than a pop star, to not go deeper than that.’

Here is a clip off the DVD of their 1976 performance of Crazy on You:
Wow, what beauties!

Here is the playlist:

Disc: 1
1. Through Eyes And Glass (by Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks)
2. Magic Man (demo)
3. How Deep It Goes (demo)
4. Crazy On You (demo)
5. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) + Dreamboat Annie Reprise (edit)
6. Love Alive
7. Sylvan Song
8. Dream Of The Archer
9. White Lightning And Wine (live at the Aquarius)
10. Barracuda (live from BBC Radio Concert)
11. Little Queen
12. Kick It Out
13. Here Song (demo)
14. Heartless (demo)
15. Dog & Butterfly (acoustic demo)
16. Straight On
17. Nada One
Disc: 2
1. Bebe le Strange
2. Silver Wheels II
3. Even It Up
4. Sweet Darlin’
5. City’s Burning
6. Angels
7. Love Mistake
8. Lucky Day (demo)
9. Never (live, with John Paul Jones)
10. These Dreams
11. Nobody Home
12. Alone
13. Wait For An Answer
14. Unconditional Love (demo)
15. High Romance (demo)
16. Under The Sky (demo)
17. Desire Walks On (“Beach demo” version)
Disc: 3
1. Kiss (by The Lovemongers)
2. Sand (live) (by The Lovemongers)
3. Everything (live) (by Nancy Wilson)
4. She Still Believes (live)
5. Any Woman’s Blues (demo) (with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns)
6. Strange Euphoria
7. Boppy’s Back (demo)
8. Friend Meets Friend (live) (by The Lovemongers)
9. Love Or Madness (live)
10. Skin To Skin
11. Fallen Ones
12. Enough
13. Lost Angel (live)
14. Little Problems, Little Lies (by Ann Wilson)
15. Queen City
16. Hey You
17. Avalon (Reprise)
Disc: 4
1. Going to California
2. Battle Of Evermore
3. What Is And What Should Never Be
4. Immigrant Song
5. Misty Mountain Hop