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Hercules the Legendary Journeys Box Set Seasons 1-6

Hercules The Legendary Journeys Show

Hercules The Legendary Journeys Show 1995-1999

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys starring Kevin Sorbo

The entire series on 1 box set. Yea! I loved this  show. For newbies, here is a list of the best episodes from each season:

The Apple is my favorite. It’s hilarious and well plotted.

*7.8 stars on IMDb*!!!!

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Other great episodes-

Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Hercules in the Underworld

Season 1: 
The Vanishing Dead
The Gauntlet

Season 2: 
The King of Thieves
The Other Side
The Enforcer
Heedless Hearts
King For a Day
The Protean Challenge
The Wedding of Alcmene

Season 3:
Love Takes a Holiday
Prince Hercules
When A Man Loves a Woman
Judgement Day
The Lost City
Les Contemptibles

Season 4: 
Hero’s Heart
Web of Desire
Stranger in a Strange World
. . . And Fancy Free
Men in Pink
Armageddon Now Parts 1 & 2
Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules
One Fowl Day

Season 5: 
Render Unto Caesar
Norse by Norsevest
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge
Darkness Rising
For Those of You Just Joining Us
Let There Be Light
Stranger and Stranger
Just Passing Through
Love on the Rocks
Once Upon a Future King

Season 6: 
Be Deviled
Hercules, Tramps & Thieves
A Wicked Good Time

To be honest though, pretty much every episode is worth seeing in my book. There’s only 3 episodes I don’t much care for:
The Cave of Echoes (S2)
The Lady and the Dragon (S3)
Twilight (S4) -Although I do like the parts with Herc and his mum in that episode. It’s just the tedious Young Hercules bits I hate.

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