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I Love Lucy: The Complete Series DVD

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series – With this set you get all 179 half hour episodes of I Love Lucy as well as 13 FULL hour episodes of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour on DVD, all packaged beautifully plus digitally remastered to crystal clear perfection!!There will also be bonuses including Lucille Ball on the radio show “My favorite Husband, rare commercials, clips in color, Desilu studio tour with Lucy and the gang and much more.. With the bonuses alone you get several hours of fun and if you bought the season DVD sets it will be much of the same bonuses in this complete series.

*8.7 stars on IMDb*!!!!

If you have never bought the Lucy season box sets and you are a fan then you do not know what you are missing. The shows are in crystal clear picture quality and not like they were when DVD’s were first made and VHS’s also, these are so nice and remastered to perfection and clearer than what you will see on tv. I wont even watch I Love Lucy on the television anymore because the DVD’s are so much clearer that it doesn’t look right to watch it a little on tv.

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