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Lost in Space Complete Series Season 1 2 3 DVD

Lost in Space Cast

Lost in Space - The Swiss Family Robinson of Space

Lost In Space was a campy 60’s sci-fi show, no doubt. However, the first season is special, in that the first half of the season contains more SCI than FI. If the other 2 seasons would’ve followed the format of Season 1, Lost In Space might have been one of the great Sci-Fi series of all time. Alas, it never happened, as the series made a turn towards family-oriented camp.

*7.1 stars on IMDb*!!!

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All 3 seasons available on DVD (no blu-ray), but no box sets, unfortunately:

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That being said, Season 1 is a must-have for even the casual Lost In Space fan. Very underrated is Johnathan Harris’ acting. Although he plays the villain, and later the goofy fall guy, his acting always outshined the rest of the cast.

Bummer but there’s no option to play all episodes on the disc. Maybe it’s a quirk of mine, but whenever I buy a whole season of a TV show, I like to hit “play all”, and then watch all, or simply fall asleep during the playback. LIS is one of the few season series that does not have that option, and in my book, it’s a rather major drawback.

On the bright side, the quality of the episodes is top-notch. Never has Lost In Space appeared so clearly to me. The DVD does have excellent chapter divisions for each episodes, but I just can’t understand why it didn’t feature the “play all episodes” option.

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