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*7.5 stars on IMDb*!!!

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25 Things We Learned from Watching Magnum P.I. (from IMDb.com)

  1. If you have a private investigators license in Hawaii, you can shoot people on a fairly regular basis and the police only give you a good stern talking to.
    (Kinda gives you a new insight on Dog Chapman now doesn’t it, he can only use pepper spray…hee hee hee…what a maroon)
  2. If you get shot with a gun (no matter what caliber it is) you will only have a half-dollar size spot of blood on your shirt.
  3. In the 1980’s everybody over age of 30 had either worked for a government espionage agency (ours or someone else’s) or had been involved with secret military operations at some time in the 70’s.
  4. You can live in Hawaii without actually spending money, you can just keep bartering favors for goods and services.
  5. You can use the same actors in several different episodes, just use different names, no one will know the difference.
  6. Private Detectives need to drive expensive flashy cars.
  7. You can land your helicopter just about any where in Hawaii.
  8. You can drink a beer before noon in Hawaii and not be known as an alcoholic.
  9. In Hawaii, even if you have a mansion big enough to have its own cutesy name (Robin’s Nest), you still won’t have a swimming pool, preferring instead to use the tidal pool.

    Magnum P.I. Cast

    Magnum P.I. Cast

  10. Tall men have a difficult time fitting in little Italian sports cars.
  11. Your helicopter can take numerous bullet hits, but will not explode, and you’ll always have (just) enough fuel to make it to the next island.
  12. Magnum NEVER wears a shirt when he runs.
  13. The Hawaii Iron Man triathlon is not very difficult to train for…you can do it one episode!
  14. You can work for a guy for 8 years and never meet him (See also, Charlie’s Angels).
  15. The longer one’s legs, the shorter one’s shorts.
  16. Dobermans never age (or at least show no signs over an 8-year period)…must be the exclusive diet of raw meat, thrown from the balcony by Higgins.
  17. The Navy lets its officers sport bushy moustaches (see flashbacks), even in times of combat it tropical climates.
  18. Saying “Hi Guys” in a cheerful voice to large burly men is a sure-fire way to get punched in the nose.
  19. A ringer softball player can actually throw strikeouts.
  20. A Russian MiG is actually an F-4 painted black.
  21. Stray Russian pilots will be intercepted by American F-4’s painted the proper color.
  22. Tour pilots in Hawaii get so little business that they go anywhere at the drop of a hat.
  23. Hawaii radio stations play only play hit songs that are not sung by the original artist.
  24. Tall men in loud Hawaiian shirts and extremely short shorts are also excellent surveillance vehicles. No one ever notice or recall them loitering about and/or snooping.
  25. You can always count on your ” Little Voice” to get you through difficult situations.

Magnum P.I. was one of my favorite shows of the 80s  and I think it ended way too soon. With the massive success of Three Men and a Baby, Selleck felt his film career would take off and thus would want to be free from Magnum.

Plus, he had just gotten married and had a child as the series was ending and wanted to be able to spend more time with them. Had he known his film career wouldn’t have really taken off, perhaps he would’ve stayed on with Magnum. He said himself recently that the show could’ve gone on for at least another 7, 8 years; It was still successful even when it ended. aaaaahhhhh….what could’ve been!!!!

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