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Christopher Nolan Box Set

Christopher Nolan Box Set

  • 5 Movies on Blu-ray:  Batman Begins, The Dark Knights, Inception, Memento and Insomnia

  •  Includes ten collectible photo cards

  • 40-page photo book that features stills, trivia and behind-the-scenes information on all five movies

  • Movie cash voucher for The Dark Knight Rises, up to $8.00

  • $33.86 – $8 cash voucher = $25.86!! [continue reading…]

Marvel has been rebooting old franchises at a frenetic pace over the last several years. With heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor receiving well deserved screen time.  To top it off they assembled them altogether for 1 fantastic movie in The Avengers.  Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that “The Avengers 2” is in the works with an unannounced release date following Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 3,” “Thor 2” and “Captain America 2.” …Wow! [continue reading…]

Strange Euphoria Heart Box Set

Strange Euphoria Heart Box Set

Heart has released  their first ever career-spanning box set Strange Euphoria. It’s available exclusively on Amazon.com (They are getting huge, eh?).

Strange Euphoria includes hits, deep cuts, demos, outtakes and rare live recordings; a CD of Led Zeppelin covers; a DVD featuring a 1976 TV performance; and a booklet offering song-by-song commentary from Ann and Nancy Wilson.

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In a new RollingStone.com interview, Ann Wilson discusses the box set, as well as some aspects of the band’s songs and history.

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Zoids was a good Japanese Anime series.

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Lost in Space Cast

Lost in Space - The Swiss Family Robinson of Space

Lost In Space was a campy 60’s sci-fi show, no doubt. However, the first season is special, in that the first half of the season contains more SCI than FI. If the other 2 seasons would’ve followed the format of Season 1, Lost In Space might have been one of the great Sci-Fi series of all time. Alas, it never happened, as the series made a turn towards family-oriented camp.

*7.1 stars on IMDb*!!!

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Street Fighter Box Set

Street Fighter Box Set - Whopper of a set for 150$

Will the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter be a ho-hum yawn fest? Oh, fear not, ye of little faith. Capcom has heard your howls of torment and with the intensity of a rabid wolverine , they will launch, on September 18, the mother of all commemorative box sets:

A $150 Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set

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James Bond Heineken

James Bond says screw the Martini, he'll have a Heineken (TMZ.com)

James Bond is ditching his signature vodka martini for Heineken in a $45 million deal that forces Bond to drink from a bottle for the foreseeable future.

“I”ll have a Heineken, in a bottle not a mug” somehow doesn’t carry the same weight. Really surprised a vodka company couldn’t pony up for that. I suppose it might have been a bit more difficult to incorporate the vodka bottle into the scene. A bottle of Heineken would sit on the table in plain view.


BTW George Lazenby is not happy!!

Michael Jackson Bad

Michael Jackson Bad - 45 million albums sold

Michael Jackson’s money train keeps on a’ rolling strong with a reissue of  his ‘Bad’ album this fall to coincide with the 25th anniversary of its release.

The 25th anniversary edition of Jackson’s album will feature a CD full of demos, previously unreleased songs (probably some of the stolen songs from last year) and a never-before-seen July 1988 Wembley concert. Prince Charles and Princess Diana attended this concert and, believe it or not, there is only 1 copy of it in existence and guess where it was….in Jackson’s own personal VHS tape collection. The video on the VHS tape originated from the Jumbotron display.

The box set is set be released September 17 and though a price has not been set, it will probably be in the $50 range.

The Kinks 1965

The Kinks 1965

Universal Records will be releasing a new box set, The Kinks At The BBC on August 13. It showcases many of their recordings from BBC found in the BBC vaults and even by some fans who kept some recordings that the BBC had lost.

This Kinks collection  features recording sessions, live recordings and some unreleased material . There is plenty to love about this 5CD +1DVD book box set. DVD  features appearances on Top of the Pops, In Concerts and the Old Grey Whistle Test.

With liner notes by noted rock author, Peter Doggett and Doug Hinman- telling the story of the Kinks’ time at the BBC.

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys Show

Hercules The Legendary Journeys Show 1995-1999

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys starring Kevin Sorbo

The entire series on 1 box set. Yea! I loved this  show. For newbies, here is a list of the best episodes from each season:

The Apple is my favorite. It’s hilarious and well plotted.

*7.8 stars on IMDb*!!!!

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Other great episodes-

Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Hercules in the Underworld

Season 1: 
The Vanishing Dead
The Gauntlet

Season 2: 
The King of Thieves
The Other Side
The Enforcer
Heedless Hearts
King For a Day
The Protean Challenge
The Wedding of Alcmene

Season 3:
Love Takes a Holiday
Prince Hercules
When A Man Loves a Woman
Judgement Day
The Lost City
Les Contemptibles

Season 4: 
Hero’s Heart
Web of Desire
Stranger in a Strange World
. . . And Fancy Free
Men in Pink
Armageddon Now Parts 1 & 2
Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules
One Fowl Day

Season 5: 
Render Unto Caesar
Norse by Norsevest
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge
Darkness Rising
For Those of You Just Joining Us
Let There Be Light
Stranger and Stranger
Just Passing Through
Love on the Rocks
Once Upon a Future King

Season 6: 
Be Deviled
Hercules, Tramps & Thieves
A Wicked Good Time

To be honest though, pretty much every episode is worth seeing in my book. There’s only 3 episodes I don’t much care for:
The Cave of Echoes (S2)
The Lady and the Dragon (S3)
Twilight (S4) -Although I do like the parts with Herc and his mum in that episode. It’s just the tedious Young Hercules bits I hate.

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MASH Commemorative Plate

How do you say ” Thank You” and “Good Bye” to televisions most honored show?

Royal Orleans and Twentieth Century-Fox are proud to mark the final season of  M*A*S*H , one of televisions highest-rated show, with this fine limited-edition commemorative plate. Mint in box.

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