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Roseanne Box Set DVD All 10 Seasons

Roseanne was an American sitcom which aired on ABC from 1988 to 1997, starring the stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr.

*7.0 stars on IMDb*!!!!

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Best Roseanne lines:

Ones that make you laugh every time!

Roseanne Box Set

Roseanne Cast Photo

Roseanne (to Fisher) “You know, I think of myself as a pretty good judge of people. That’s why I don’t like none of ’em!”

Crystal (during hurricane) “Roseanne…I wanna live!”
Roseanne: “Think it over!”

Dan (bends toward Roseanne) “Uh oh, I guess I’ve been naughty!”

Roseanne: (to visiting guests) “Excuse the mess..but we live here.”

Dan: (to Roseanne) “Do you want me? I’ve just washed!”

Roseanne: (speaking of Arnie knocking on the window) “You better leave, Jackie. Sooner or later he’s gonna figure out where the front door is.”

Roseanne: (watching a karate man break a board w/his head) “Use a saw, will ya?”

(Darlene: (to Ziggy) “Have you ever killed anyone?”

D.J (to Todd) “My mom says your mom has to have an operation! She says she’s got to get a really big stick taken out of her butt!”

Darlene: (To Dan & Roseanne) “Don’t mind me. Just continue with your foreplay.”

Ziggy: “We were gonna get married. But the kids were against it.”
Darlene: “I can see why.”

(D.J. sneezes on Darlene’s breakfast) Darlene: “Why don’t you JUST VOMIT ON MY PLATE!”

(Roseanne walks quietly toward ghoulish children in the diner)“….GET OUT!”

Nancy: “Arnie’s always whining that I’m smothering him.”
Roseanne: “If you can still hear him whining, you’re not holding the pillow down hard enough.”

(During the birth control talk). Becky: “Doesn’t this stuff kind of kill the mood?”
Roseanne: “Not as much as a screaming baby with a loaded diaper.”

Roseanne (To the lonely next door neighbour who’s watching her cook) 
“You’re 17, you shouldn’t have a meat loaf recipe. Go get something pierced.”

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