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Werewolf TV Series Movies DVD

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Eric Cord (John J. York) is a college student who finds his life forever changed one night when his best friend Ted reveals his somewhat unbelievable secret: that Ted is an authentic, hairy knuckled, human-chomping werewolf!

*8.0 stars on IMDb*!!!!

Eric, naturally enough, didn’t believe his friend was a monster, responsible for several murders around town. Not until Ted showed him the pentagram embedded in the palm of his hand and told him that he would kill again, unless Eric kills him with a gun loaded with silver bullets.

Eric now believed it to be true but didn’t want to believe it was true. But later that night, when the pentagram on Ted’s palm begins to bleed and he sees his friend transform into a werewolf, Eric has no choice but to shoot and kill his friend – for the safety of the townspeople and to end his pal’s torment. But before he manages to do that, Ted mauls him and passes on the curse of the lycanthrope to Eric.

Werewolf TV Show

Werewolf TV Show 1987-1988

The only way for Eric to rid himself of the curse was to kill the wolf that served as the original bloodline. The trail would lead Eric to Janos Skorzeny (Chuck Connors), a one-eyed captain that Ted worked with. The evil Skorzeny was a werewolf like Eric, and the two fought violently under a full moon before Skorzeny managed to get away.

While Eric went after Skorzeny, he was also on the run from “Alamo Joe” Rogan (Lance LeGault), a maverick bounty hunter who pursued Eric for jumping bail for Ted’s murder. Rogan also knew about Eric being a werewolf, although he didn’t know the circumstances involved. As Eric traveled across the country, he crossed paths with other werewolves and dealt with various situations along the way. All the while, Eric tried to deal with his curse and what it was doing to his sanity.

When Eric later caught up to Skorzeny, he discovered that Skorzeny wasn’t the first of the line of werewolves. Instead, it was Nicholas Remy (Brian Thompson); a 2,000 year-old werewolf who posed as a college professor that had given the curse to Skorzeny. But even if Eric is able to kill Skorzeny, he would have another, even deadlier enemy…!!!


Chuck Connors AS Janos Skorzeny

Lance LeGault AS “Alamo Joe” Rogan

Brian Thompson AS Nicholas Remy

John J. York AS Eric Cord

1. WEREWOLF MOVIE- Eric sets out to kill the head werewolf, Skorzeny, while being pursued by Alamo Joe Rogan.
2. NIGHTWATCH- Eric, in possession of a gun and custom made silver bullets, lies in wait aboard Skorzeny’s boat.
3. THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF- A young boy, whose mother has an abusive boyfriend, aids a wounded Eric.
4. THE BLACK SHIP- Eric is double-crossed by a slick talking man who now holds him as bait for Skorzeny.
5. SPECTRE OF THE WOLF- Eric solicits the aid of a werewolf expert by trying to convince him that he really is one.
6. THE WOLF WHO THOUGHT HE WAS A MAN- Eric’s job at a hunting lodge gets him into the middle of a deadly feud.
7. NOTHING EVIL IN THESE WOODS- A witch trying to help Eric is hounded by a man blaming her for his son’s death.
8. RUNNING WITH THE PACK- Eric’s quiet café job is threatened by the arrival of Alamo Joe and a rowdy biker gang.
9. FRIENDLY HAVEN- Eric seeks shelter in a mysterious old lady’s house after being hurt in a fight with Skorzeny.
10. LET US PREY- Eric stays at a monastery where he believes Skorzeny is responsible for several bizarre killings.
11. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE (1)- A confrontation leaves Alamo Joe in the hospital and Eric apparently dead.
12. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE (2)- Joe fears he may now be a werewolf while the police question him about Eric.
13. THE UNICORN- Eric befriends a young woman whose fellow prostitutes appear to have been slain by Skorzeny.
14. ALL HALLOW’S EVE- On Halloween, Eric meets a disfigured man who hides himself in an allegedly haunted house.
15. BLOOD ON THE TRACKS- A former boxer who was once Eric’s boyhood idol is now wanted by the mob.
16. NIGHTMARE AT THE BRAINE HOTEL- Eric goes to a run down hotel with unusual happenings and residents.
17. WOLFHUNT- A rancher comes after Eric when he befriends a she-wolf who earlier had attacked the rancher.
18. BLOOD TIES- Members of a wealthy quarreling family try to incriminate Eric for the murder of a relative.
19. BIG DADDY- Eric is kidnapped by a dying politician who wants immortality by becoming a werewolf.
20. EYE OF THE STORM- Eric is stranded by a storm in a house with six people who are being murdered individually.
21. NIGHTMARE IN BLUE- Alamo Joe is Eric’s only hope of stopping a cold blooded murderer disguised as a cop.
22. SKINWALKER- A Shaman might lift Eric’s curse but several mysterious deaths threaten to prevent that.
23. KING OF THE ROAD- Skorzeny might be preying on a band of homeless people who Eric meets aboard a train.
24. A MATERIAL GIRL- Eric discovers that a werewolf is killing teenage runaways living in an abandoned building.
25. TO DREAM OF WEREWOLVES (1)- Eric discovers that Skorzeny is not the true source of the bloodline.
26. TO DREAM OF WEREWOLVES (2)- Eric learns that the mysterious Nicholas Remy must die to lift the curse.
27. BLIND LUCK- Eric comes to the aid of a blind woman when he learns that her fiancé has sinister motives.
28. GRAY WOLF- Eric teams up with a homeless man who is also a werewolf in an effort to lift both of their curses.
29. AMAZING GRACE- Eric feels liable for an old lady who is institutionalized after witnessing Eric’s transformation.